PAN-ISOX INTERNATIONAL offers you the ability to produce PAN-ISOX® structural and insulating panels yourself for builders in your country.

Our system for manufacturing PAN-ISOX® structural panels combines the technology of rigid insulation manufacturing and high thermal resistance with the manufacturing technology of factory-designed structural panels.

The building panels manufactured using our technology are made of a core of polyisocyanurate foam insulation injected under pressure between two sheets of solid sheeting (OSB-OSB, gypsum-OSB, gypsum-fibre cement, fibre cement-fibre cement).

They are so innovative they do not require a wood or metal frame. The rigid foam obtained using our self-lamination process is a honeycomb-shaped thermal and structural thermosetting insulator consisting of over 90% closed cells. Our moulding method of fabrication allows us to manufacture preformed panels that can be inserted into each other and into wall rails.

PAN-ISOX® offers you automated machinery, the transfer of technology, the supply of raw materials to establish the system (including technical support), plus a one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects.

We guarantee:
- high-performance machinery with low energy consumption
- reliable and consistent quality
- automated control of production

PAN-ISOX® insulation meets the following standards:
- Polyiso foam (PIR/PUR)
- ONGC 51-GP-21M, Type 4
- ASTM E 84

Depending upon the desired production capacity of the plant (100 to 500 panels per day), machinery can be ready to be shipped to you within three months of the signing of the contract.

Our facilities have a normal lifespan of at least 25 years; PAN-INTERNATIONAL ISOX guarantees the supply of replacement parts for the next 25 years.

Given transportation and import costs, if you plan to build one thousand houses or more, establishing your own PAN-ISOX® panel factory means considerable savings for you!


1- Reception of raw materials
2- Storage of overlay sheets
3- Storage of resins and liquid products
4- Assembly table
5- Overlay sheet handling trucks
6- Overlay sheet laying
7- Installation of HDPE forms
8- Automatic press
9- Injector
10- Heat exchanger
11- Injection moulding robot
12- Dismantling of injected panels
13- Storage of panels
14- Laboratory equipment and measuring tools (quality control)
15- Packing and shipping
16- 16 inch saw (for panel cutting)
17- Freight elevator (3 tons)
18- Continuous metal cutting
19- Continuous metal forming
20- Sheet metal storage table
21- Metal pay-off reel
22- Finished product discharge

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